Review: " The Book Thief " - Markus Zusak

Title: The book thief

Author: Markus Zusak

Published in: 2014

Nr of pages: 568

Category: Fiction

Publishing House: RAO

It's the year 1939. Nazi Germany. The country keeps its breath. The death has never been so busy, and it will become even busier.  Liesel Meminger and her little brother are taken by their mother to move with a social family outside München. Liesel's father was taken far away under the whisper of a unfamiliar word - Kommunist -, and Liesel sees in her mother's eyes the fear of a similar destiny. During the travel, the Death will visit the little boy and observe Liesel. Will be the first of many meetings. Beside her brother's grave, Liesel's life changes when she lifts one single object, partially hidden in the snow. It was The Grave Digger's handbook, let here by mistake, and it is her first stolen book. This way starts a story about the love of books and words, while Liesel learns how to read with her adoptive father's help which sings at a accordion. Suddenly, she will steal books from the incineration of books organized by nazis, from the mayor's wife bookcase, and from wherever she'll find them. The book thief is a story about the power of words to create worlds. With a writing amaizingly done and burning with passion, the awarded author Markus Zusak gave to us one of the most lasting stories of our times.

My opinion:

Have you ever read in a day a book of almost 600 pages? In a day?
I read this book during the winter vacation , I didn't heard many about this book, it appeared in 2014 and I read it only in 2016. I'm really sorry that I didn't read it sooner.
I simply adored this book!

I think you already know that I like very much to read about: nazis , Jews , death , war , Germany, Hitler.

I wanted to read it because someone told me that the action takes place in Germany and Hitler appears too. More exactly in 1939, nazi Germany, my favorite period of time.
I wanted to read it, I thought that it would be a pleasing reading, but this book marked me pretty much. I understood how was the life of a jew back then, how much did they have to endure.

I liked the book really much , I had a lot of moods during it.
for ex: chicken's skin, crying, moments of joy , horror, fear.

Chicken's skin: When Liesel was with Rudy , they were on a bridge , and Rudy finds out why Liesel visits the mayor's house.

Crying: The majority of the scenes in the book, evoke tears.

Moments of joy: The best, I think, is when Max wakes up.(you'll understand after you'll read the book).

Horror: for sure, bomb raids .

Fear: When Hans Hubermann (Liesel's adoptive father) is in that truck and a bomb raid is announced . (You'll understand)
I really disliked the TITLE.
Why? Really?
*The book thief* ? Well, I know that in english nouns are genreless , but in romanian what's the excuse? Why isn't it translated to * The book female thief*( note from the translator: something like that)?

*The thief* is a 9 years old little girl, named Liesel Meminger , which goes firstly through a horror aventure. Until she arrives at the Hubermann's, she goes through some terrible incidents.

Firstly, her mother can't take care of her and her brother anymore, yes Lisel has a brother (unknown name) and she (their mother) has to give them up for adoption.Hubermann's family hardly waits from them, especially for Liesel's brother.

Secondly, Liesel loses her brother. This is the most macabre moment , to see how your brother dies, while they were on the road to their new parents, where they were going to have a better life ; but where is the life better , than beside your brother and your mother.

When Liesel's brother is buried, she observes the book " The Grave digger's handboll " , that being the first book which she "borrows ". That is the moment when Liesel discovers her love for books , even if she doesn't know how to read.

Liesel remains alone,.arrives at the adoptive family, simple strangers. A unknown town, unknown people. Only one nightmare , the death of her brother.

Liesel , gets along very hard with her new family, luckily, Hans Hubermann helps her very much to integrate. Let's be honest, Rosa Hubermann , isn't that sweet how we first thought.
Not counting that her life was already difficult in her new family, Liesel is sent to school for the first time.
Everything changes when she is pulled in the front of the class to write her name on the board. She doesn't know neither to read, neither to write. After the wholr class starts to laugh at her, in the break, in the school's yard, a boy starts to make fun of her, because she doesn't know to read or to write.
She doesn't take too well his insults and starts kicking him.
After all the incidents from the first day of school , Liesel decides to learn how to read.

Liesel in the same day, makes a friend, the little Rudy , the tipical german , white& blonde.
Even if he is only a little boy, he becomes Liesel's faithful friend.
They find out that they are neighbors and start a close friendship, spending almost all the time together, telling stories, playing football, stealing books etc.
If you didn't read the book yet and you are reading my review, for sure you are asking yourself which is the link between the title and the action?

Liesel doesn't even know how to read or write, how could she be a thief? A book thief?
After the school incident, Liesel decides to learn how to read, during night with Hans's help she reads, learns. Even if Hans falls sometimes asleep, she keeps learning.
Night after night, she reads, reads and makes progress. After she makes progress with reading, they open in the cellar a little "ABC". She starts to write here, she writes the ABC and under every litter, the words she knows to learn them.

Alright, now Liesel knows how to read and write,what now?
Aaa, steal books.

One day , Rosa (the mother)sends Liesel at Ilsa (the mayor's wife ) to bring her her laundry. Liesel discovers...

You must read this book, no matter which are your preferences. This book is an explosion of feelings, you will eat it alive. I myself couldn't let it down from my hands. You'll see that this book deserves all the time you acord it. Even if it is long, it is easy to read.

At first you will find a little bit weird how the book is written, because you will think that a child narrates the story, you'll find out of the picture above.

I leave few quotes that I liked:

A human doesn’t have a heart like mine. The human heart is a line , whereas my own is a circle , and I have the endless ability to be in the right place at the right time. The consequence of this is that I’m always finding humans at their best and worst. I see their ugly and their beauty , and I wonder how the same thing can be both. Still , they have one thing I envy. Humans , if nothing else , have the good sense to die. "

Not leaving: an act of trust and love , often deciphered by children."

"Humans , if nothing else have the good sense to die."

If you read the book , I recommend and movie:



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