Review: " The epithets of love " - Cristi Giambasu

Title: The epithets of love

Author: Cristi Giambașu

Published: in 2014 (Romania)

Nr. of pages: 272

Publishing house: Karth


The beauty was rediscovered. For the first time in the history of humanity whan love reaches its maximum rate , registening a substantial , individual , ideological , material increase. An existential increase. A sublimated energy spreads in the global space.

My opinion:

To be honest , I had greater expections from this book , I didn't know that such book is hidden under that lovely cover. I liked how the books is written , there existed some nonsense words (2-3) , but I tried to give the a chance.

The book isn't really my type , because I don't like romantic novels or the ones who talk about love , but something made me want this book. I thank Cristi for the book and autograph.

The beggining was really good from my point of view , the epitet * Buffalo lover * remembered me of one my childhood's cartoon , Timon and Pumba (Lion King) and somewho of childhood.

After i read the first chapter I thought that in the book won't appear so much love and sweet talk , but at the end I observed that the story deserves to be finished by me to find out what is it about. How I said , the books about love aren't my type and I basically I only read first 50 pages and give up on them if nothing changes. Why ? I simply dislike the books , but * The Epithets of love * (even if from title I wasn't sure , to read it or not , to buy it or not) let's say that is was a little bit different and it was a pleasure to read it , and I really don't regret the time I spent on it.

The story isn't simple , like how I read , is not a story written only t be written , it doesn't seem like it camed out of the imagination of the author. I think that this book is the life of the author (the most of it) with little modifications and some data changed.

If I'm even a little bit right , the the author has a really palpitatin life and...
I likdes that , finally , Cristi found the love of this life and they remained together.
    The book send a lot of feeling , sometimes I observed nostalgia and loneliness and of course a looooot of love. The book invites you to manifest your love and passion. Love without passion is nonsense , not even a piece of love.
Passion: When it comes to take a decision , you think firstly at you , at your own physical , psyhical and spiritual comfort.
Love: When it comes to take a decision , you think firstly at the goodof the other and you're capable to give up and sacrifice.

Instead of quotes I'll give you a poetry which I liked a lot:

"  Maybe out of ruby , crystals and diamonds ,

Are her optical fibers surrounded by a side ,

And by the other of her talisman , her eyes shine ?

Her ears are glided in heavenly gold ,

And her nose is a painting broke out of the ocean ,

And her lips are a piece of the heart" s wheel. " 

There aren't many things to sya about this book , if you like romantic books , then this one's for you !

Thank you again , Cristi , for the book , for the autograph and because you let me get to know you better and take you an interview.
Good luck forward and I'm waiting for a poetry book from you in the future.


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  1. Nice review! 💜
    I didn't read this book, but I already fell in love with it.

    1. I can send you a copy on Facebook: